Movie Review – Connect: Real Help for Parenting Kids in a Social Media World

In the past few years, I have become somewhat reluctant to endorse or promote a lot of Christian films and TV programs after being disappointed by quite a few of them. However, I heard that Kirk Cameron was hosting a Fathom Event and movie simply called Connect for two nights in order to talk about finding real help for parenting kids in a world that is almost entirely dominated by social media and technology. I decided that I would check this movie out for myself instead of just reading a few reviews online.

If I had to rate the film, I would probably give it 4 out of 5 stars. Overall, I enjoyed it and thought that it could be a very effective tool for raising awareness about some serious issues and to start a lot of conversations about those issues. I would have liked to have seen and heard even more emphasis on how the Bible addresses these issues and more thorough discussions about the gospel. However, the film was certainly not without these things, and there’s only so much content that can be used in a film that only lasts about an hour and a half. It’s also probably a good thing to avoid having a longer movie for parents and families on a school night.

Furthermore, the interviews and testimonies in the film were important to hear and made it easy to understand why people need to be thinking very carefully about when, how, and why young people (and even adults) are using social media and technology. Kirk Cameron also made it very clear throughout the film that technology in and of itself is not always bad and that it can often be a very good tool to use in its proper time and place. He also talked about how different life was when he was growing up, how this generation is facing many new things for the first time, and that learning how to deal with them almost seems like being pioneers in a new land.

I am very thankful to see a new film that addresses serious topics like bullying, peer pressure, online safety, and pornography in a way that encourages parents to take a more active role in being aware of what kind of temptations their children are facing. There are also a number of good suggestions in this film about practical things that parents can do and tools that they can use to help their children make wise decisions about how they use social media and technology. I’m not married, and I don’t have any children, but I have known a lot of families who have had a lot of serious struggles with these things.

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